Clemira O. Souza (MsC, Educator) and Vitor O. Becker (PhD, Entomologist) dreamed of protecting the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. They started in 1997, by buying 2,900 acres of former cacao farms in the Serra Bonita mountain range, in Camacan, South Bahia, the heart of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest´s Central Biodiversity Corridor, and created the Private Natural Heritage Reserve (Reserva Privada do Patrimônio Natural – RPPN, in Portuguese) Serra Bonita.

In order to establish partnerships and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Reserve, in 2001 they founded Instituto Uiraçu, a non-profit association, whose mission is “to preserve, recover and protect ecosystems in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, in accordance with universal, ecocentric ethics”.

Since its creation, IU has made important accomplishments in Scientific Research, Environmental Education & Community Outreach, and Land Stewardship. Today, we are 28 members sharing the same vision and enthusiasm, and taking turns at volunteering in the many tasks of keeping IU running. We continually seek partners and contributions to help us protect, survey, inventory and ensure the long term sustainability of the Serra Bonita Reserve.